4 Body Weight Strength Mistakes And What To Do About Them (Videos Included)

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

This post is an extension of another post where I shared the basics of the most common stay at home workout moves. You can see that post here where we go over proper form and strength progressions for the squat, push-up, and plank. 

Today we are rounding out our core body weight movements with the flute bridge, sit-up, and back extension. 

This much is true, we may be stuck with unpredictable circumstances with COVID but I'll be damned if we won't make the most of this situation. These small steps will help  you make progress even in these uncertain times. 
Let's go!
So many goals involve a strong core. While seeing abs is not necessary in any way a well functioning core is essential to doing your thing each day. 
In this video I'll show you how to add proper sit-ups to your toolbox.

In the video you'll see ...

1. The number one sit up mistake to avoid.
2. How to progress from crunches to your first full sit-up.

Don’t have 2 mins to watch the video? Here’s what we covered. 
The basics: 
  • start with a solid crunch that gets your shoulder blade off the mat. 
  • lengthen your legs and throw your arms.
  • bend your legs and get the full move done!
Spicing it up:
Sit ups are spicy enough:)  
Glute Bridges
Whatever your reasons for targeting your glutes the bridge is a go-to move and I'm going to show you how to get the most of out them.

In the video ...
1. Time wasting technique. 
2. The correct form for toning, lifting, and shaping glory.
3. Two ways to take it to the next level for max results;)

Don’t have 2 mins to watch the video? Here’s what we covered. 
The basics: 
  • push through your heels. 
  • keep your body in one unbroken line. 
  • pinch the penny. 
Spicing it up:

1. Single leg bridges. 
2. Tick-tock bridges. 


Back Extensions
Back posture can be a source of nagging pain and concern about abilities. Why not make slumpy head posture, sunken shoulders, and the potential for lower back problems managed as much as possible?

In the video you will discover...
1. Back breaking technique to avoid.
2. A simpler way to get more muscles engaged .
3. How to blend back strength and shoulder strength in the same movements

Don’t have 2 mins to watch the video? Here’s what we covered. 
The basics: 
  • lift from your limbs on back extensions.
  • don't let your glutes engage when isolating spinal erectors and shoulder stabilizers. 
Spicing it up: 
1. Y & W raises.
2. Reverse Claps

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