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The struggle is real and the struggle will end here... 

  • Get going with Live workouts.
  • Keep momentum with creative workout videos. 
  • Go to the next level with one-on-one support calls and program adjustments.
  • Monthly updates. Prizing. And Much More.  

    Let's figure out how to make everything fit together today!
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Personal programs and 1-2-1 support for less than the cost of ordering in. 

The Inner Circle was designed to help you achieve your fittest version of yourself as an all around athlete. We will focus on building full body strength with live and pre-recorded bodyweight/resistance workouts, dropping pounds with 1-2-1 accountability support, and increasing your recovery with dedicated mobility sessions. 

Movement Mastery
I have multiple training programs to accommodate a variety of goals. My 50 best workouts PDF require a gym facility but our weekly live workouts and pre-recorded workouts are a combination of body weight/ single dumbbell workouts. 
  1. My 50 Best Workouts
  2. Live Workouts every Monday and Saturday
  3. 25+ Pre-recorded workouts in our workout library!
  4. New workouts every week!
  5. More to come!
Results Mini-Course
The results course consists of 10 lessons designed to remove the confusion around how to set up and track progress and provide you a foundation for successful results. 
  1. Basics of goal setting. 
  2. Nutrition based off your goal.
  3. Eat without tracking. 
  • Easy to follow videos.
  • Workouts for any level.
  • One-to-one accountability coaching calls available each week.
  • Calorie calculator for any goal. 
  • New workouts and educational content every week. 
  • Monthly Prizing. 

Michelle M

I'm not sure what it is about this program but it's working and it's so easy. 

Suhk N

I keep telling my friends to just trust the process with Kevin. Everything has a purpose. 

Emma M

The live workouts are fun (great music) and being able to have check-ins with Kevin has been a huge help. 

I’m Kevin Maynard and I’m the creator of the Inner Circle. In 2015 I moved to Vancouver to continue my career as a personal trainer. I've been fortunate to work with a very broad range of clients within the city best facilities including Equinox and The Fairmont.  Studying the best taught me how to make any workout approachable regardless of ability level or background. With me,  if you show up you will have a sweaty good time:) 
The Inner Circle was created to build a workout library featuring my favourite styles and a set of educational videos that make results easier than ever.  


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