Nicola Fairweather

Hands down the best fitness trainer and motivator I have had the pleasure of training with. Thank you for being your wonderful self. 

Rabhab Khan

Results are immediate! You are polite and personable and professional. Always kept the routine interesting and challenging.

Curtis Wilbur

Amazing motivator that truly cares about his clients. Cutting edge knowledge that will transform the way you train. Also just a positive person. 

My mission with Maynard Fitness is to empower you to include the best possible training and nutrition strategies into your life. 

My approach is probably going to be a little different than the conventional wisdom you’ve no doubt become accustomed to. However everything I do is research-based and also time-tested in the real world. So if you are open to a new way of doing things then I promise you will see amazing results. 

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Awesome! I'm In.


I need a low-five for you getting this far! 

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